Why I'm ditching my Christmas cookie swap

Baking is how I relax, how I shut out the Twitter trolls and the negative nancies and — most of all — the soul-crushing barrage of the news. When I need to decompress, it's time to turn off the TV, turn up the music, put on my "Let's Get Baked" apron, and start sifting my way to nonpartisan nirvana. You'd think, then, that I love it when December rolls around and it's time for my annual cookie swap with friends. But here's the reality: I hate it. Because every year, I head into the season more

My Kid's Grades Are None of Your Business

As a kid, I was a consistent student; that is to say, my grades were consistently... all over the place. I excelled in art and English but barely squeaked by in math and gym. So every marking period, I’d arrive home with a report card that looked like alphabet soup — everything from A's to D's and the lone P (for pass, if I was lucky) in gym. For the most part, I was fine with this, as were my parents. I put forth some degree of effort and even stayed after school occasionally for extra help. W

I let my kid have unlimited screen time. There, I said it.

I’ve been harboring a deep-seated secret for a while now. It’s time, however, to break the silence and end the stigma. Here’s my confession: I don’t limit my kid’s screen time. Before you put your judgey pants on (and I know you’re reaching for them right now), hear me out. I was the mom who abided by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation of “No screens before 2.” (That recommendation has since been changed). Prior to his second birthday, my son had no clue who Elmo or Curious Geo